Debt Collection

1. Tracing of absconded and or delinquent debtors. (Individuals)
Tracing is our mainstay and we pride ourselves on our track record. We provide updated and most importantly verified contact information on any instruction we receive. This report will include: Contact numbers( mobile and landline); Residential Address; Employer and employee address (for serving purposes). Also included at no additional charge; department of home affairs ID verification. Verification of a supplied ID number against a supplied name and surname as per the department of home affairs.

2. Tracing of Legal entities and members / directors.
Due to the fact that legal entities might have several subsidiaries/directors/members, we are unable to economically trace these entities as per our normal charge. We will however trace up to three members/directors and list, but not trace all subsidiaries.

3. “Dead or Alive Inquiry”
Enables the enquirer to ascertain the living status of an individual. This service saves a tremendous amount of time and money. Before one proceeds in any matter, it would be to one’s advantage to establish the status of the subject as to not waste any valuable resources and money on the matter further. This inquiry is more cost effective than appointing a tracing company to trace the subject, only to find that the subject is deceased. This is an industry first and unique to Intelligence Bureau

4. Standard Asset Search
A thorough search of public and private sources of information to ascertain and or verify the assets of an individual for purposes of attachment. This will include but is not limited to physical property. We will in addition, indicate any notorial bonds. This inquiry will include any interest held in any business. The asset search excludes vehicle ownership as we feel it is of no real value for attachment purposes. Should you require vehicle detail we will be able to provide such information at an additional cost.

5. Full Asset Search
This search includes all the above excluding vehicle information but including a fair value of household goods. This is an industry first and unique to Intelligence Bureau We are able to provide either an insurance replacement value of household assets or the value of goods as provided in a credit application. Should our investigation be successful you will have access to information of real value for attachment purposes.

6. Document Delivery or Collection
We will attend to the delivery and or collection of any document, anywhere in Gauteng. Service within 3 hours from receipt of instruction, during normal business hours. Service within 6 hours out of normal business hours.

7. Combination Consumer Enquiry (Consumer)
The Combination Consumer Inquiry offers the information from both of the above reports (TransUnion and Experian Consumer Inquiry) in a single report side by side in simple layout.

8. Principal Clearance (Commercial/Consumer)
A principal clearance is an inquiry on an individual in their business capacity such as an inquiry on the director of a company. The inquiry shows an individual’s personal details, previous 3 employees, address information, work and home telephone numbers, judgements, defaults, notorial bonds, notices, principal trace and inquiry history.

9. Principal Clearance with ID Number Verification (Commercial/Consumer)
A Principal Clearance with ID Verification is a clearance on an individual in their business capacity such as an inquiry on the director of a company with an ID Verification in the same report.

10. Principal Link (Commercial/Consumer)
A principal link displays an individual’s personal details, address information, any linked businesses and inquiry history. Also referred to as director search.

11. Individual Portfolio (Consumer)
This report includes the fixed properties owned by an individual, companies they are directors/members of, the properties owned by these companies and included in this report is a credit bureau report on the director and the company.

12. Mini Company Report on File (Commercial)
A scan on file allows an inquiry on a business either by supplying the company name or the company registration number. In the report the business identification is displayed (business name, start date, industry, duns number, business function, phone number, fax number, vat number, physical and postal address), name history, registration details as per the registrar of companies, member break down, civil court records, default data, notorial bond information, principals summary (principals are any registered director(s) or member(s) linked to the company), bank information and trade information on file. Investigation takes 8 hours

13. Bank Code 24 HOURS (Commercial)
In the report the bank will give the business a bank code for the amount specified in the inquiry. This is an industry first and unique to Intelligence Bureau

14. Full Company report (Commercial)
A scan on file allows an inquiry on a business either by supplying the company name or the company registration number. In the report you will receive everything in the mini company report plus extras; these include company affiliation link, principal link, operation information, comments, balance sheet if available, deeds information and principal clearances.

15. Default Loading (Commercial/Consumer)
This product allows for real-time default (blacklist) loading of businesses or consumers onto the credit bureau databases. This is an industry first and unique to Intelligence Bureau

16. Service of Sec.56;57;58 documentation (Gauteng only)

17. Academic Qualification Verification (Global)

18. Academic Qualification Verification (South Africa)

19. Criminal Record Check
This report will only indicate a positive or negative result. A detailed report will require fingerprints on the target and additional cost.

20. Drivers License Check

21. Matric Qualification verification

22. Reference Check
This report is a leading South African pre – employment and background screening solution. Know your employees and reduce the risk associated with employing staff with questionable integrity, credibility and skills.

23. NATIS Search
NATIS – national motor vehicle license database; stolen vehicle records, vehicle ownership history. To establish ownership details.

24. Bank Account Search
A search of ABSA; First National bank, Nedbank and Standardbank records to identify account belonging to an Individual/entity. Please note that this service relies on confidential sources and their identity is protected by Intelligence Bureau’s standard confidentiality agreement.

25. Bank Account Current Balance
Current account balance per account.

26. Bank Account Detailed Statement – per month per account
Not older than 90 days.

27. Bank Account Detailed Statement – per month per account
Older than 90 days.

28. Telecommunication Information
Telecommunications billing details & detailed billing: Cellular phone account holder and user (contract and pre-paid) identification. Telkom line account holder identification (including unlisted numbers). Telkom lines installed at a physical address (and account holder details) Detailed billing for Telkom and cellular phone networks. Email and IP address identification Cell phone tracking and location Profiling cell phone numbers through handsets/identification of cell phone numbers (SIM cards).

29. Tracing and acquisition cell phone handset location
Polling of location. Price quoted per poll.

30. Cloning of email address
Incoming and out going

31. Identify ownership of email address

32. Polygraph Services

33. Background Screening
Intelligence Bureau’s core task is the verification of individual credentials, whether attested to by the candidate or not, on behalf of employers or other interested parties

Affiliated Services…

Department of Home Affairs
– SA passport renewals and applications
– Adult passports and temps
– Maxi passports
– Minor Passports (under 16)
– Minor passport and temp
– British Passport renewals and 1st time applications
Canadian passport renewals and 1st time applications
– Abridged birth certificates
– Unabridged birth certificates
– Abridged marriage certificates
– Unabridged Marriage Certificates
– Vault copies of Birth certificates
– Death certificates
– Impediment letters – proving not married or proving divorce
– Apostille stamps – Foreign Affairs

Services with regards to Motor Vehicle Registrations
-business registrations (Registering a CC or PTY at the traffic department to receive Enatis no
– motor vehicle registrations
– motor vehicle change of ownership
– Motor vehicle first time licensing
– Motor vehicle license renewals
– De registrations
– Deceased estates – registering of motor vehicles from deceased to new owners
– Change of address (Licensing – clients moving from one Town or City to another)
– Roadworthy certificates
– Police clearance (Vehicles)
– Vin updates
– Engine change
– Stolen and recovered
– Export clearances