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  • Trip Wire Bang (Steel)

Installation & Instructions

  1. Select suitable location- About 1m above ground to avoid device being triggered by pets.
  2. Secure to rigid flat surface.
  3. Tie cord/ gut to opposite side of opening.
  4. Once fitted the device is ready for loading.


To load:

  1. Pull pin (1) up using hook (7) until groove is visible above top.
  2. Insert washer (6) in groove (4) and fit new cap into hole (3)
  3. Device is armed and ready for use.

To disarm:

  1. Pull pin up using hook and remove washer.

To reload:

  1. Pull pin up until safety can be inserted in slot (2)
  2. Remove used cap with straight section of hook.
  3. Insert new cap in hole (3)
  4. Pull pin up and remove safely.
  5. Follow procedure to load.

IMPORTANT:  Fit unit securely using all 4 screws- it will not fire unless secure.


  1. Installed in 10 minutes.
  2. Armed/disarmed I seconds.
  3. This device is designed to alert residents to alert residentsand scare intruders.
  4. When activated the unit will go off with a loud BANG!!
  5. Stops crime without violence.
  6. Weatherproof so WILL NOT fail in wet weather.
  7. Flexible Design so therefore can be used to protect anyopening.
  8. Device can be re-used indefinitely.
  9. Affordable means of protection.


  2. Never fire near eyes/ears.
  3. Do not fit combustible materials as bang emits a spark.
  4. Do not fire unit in hand.
  5. Do not oil pin.


  • Doorways
  • Carports
  • Stables/ pig houses/poultry
  • Passages/lanes
  • Camp sites

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Trip Wire Bang (Steel)

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