Intelligence Bureau is an investigative network operating throughout South Africa



Tracing is our mainstay and we pride ourselves on our track record. We provide updated and most importantly verified contact information on any instruction we receive.



Our team of experts are ready to assist in uncovering the facts, from employee polygraph examinations to corporate investigations. All reporting is treated as private and confidential.



A leading South African pre-employment and background screening solution. Know your employees and reduce the risk associated with employing staff with questionable integrity, credibility and skills.


Bug Sweeping

We offer bug-sweeping services for both private and corporate investigations. Using advanced technology, our investigators will locate and detect all types of electronic bugs in most areas.

Fast service and extremely professional and discreet. Thanks!Bob, Sandton
Great work Intelligence Bureau, I'll be back!Jennifer, Fourways
I've got the best staff possible, all thanks to you guys.Jeffrey, Randburg

Simple Home Security Devices that Truly Work


It was a bold crime that occurred while both parents and their daughter were fast asleep. In a recent news report released by of WKRN -TV Nashville, burglars broke into the home of a Ft. Cambell couple and stole TVs, video games, cell phones, and a 2009 Cadillac Escalade. The entire burglary took place [...]

Searching for a Private Investigator


Private investigators are abundant, so you can afford to be picky when choosing one to work for you. It's often a good idea to ask around from people around you such as friends and associates to look for recommendations on which you might consider and most defiantly get your self acquainted with private investigators by [...]

Why a Certified Home Security Inspection Can Protect You and Your Family


With violent home invasions and burglaries on the rise, you may find yourself asking how you can affordably protect your home and loved ones against these heinous crimes.  As if providing a roof over your family's heads isn't challenging enough, there's also the responsibility of keeping them safe and secure both inside and outside the [...]